FINALLY! Another costume update

Hello everyone! I finally had a mini-shooting with my Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) costume! :D I made it for Animagic, but I didn’t have that many photos to upload, but now I can finally upload some here! … I’ve just noticed that my blastia looks so much better on photos than it actually is |D…


My homepage is back on!

Hello everyone! You might have noticed that my homepage had crashed recently! Well, still no real clue why, but it’s working again. I have lost all the featured images in turn during the restoration. For some reason I cannot use feature images on those posts anymore either O_O; AH well. Let’s start with updates! First,…


Back from Connichi

Hello everyone! Last weekend I was in Kassel, Germany at Connichi! It was cold! Now, my Connichi was… Friday Though I usually travel with NatsuKita, I was traveling all alone, since she was visiting a friend in Germany and was going to arrive later at the event. I got to borrow her ticket *_* Suprisingly…


Back from Aniwest

Hello everyone! As you know I went to AniWest in Dornbirn (Austria) on 31.08 this year. I was busy studying for the exam, WHICH I PASSED :D, and then sewing costumes for Connichi. I also was there only for the performance, since it was a date so close to the exam, but the organizers and…


Connichi Plans :D

Hello everyone >w< Since I’ve made a facebook fanpage I have been posting my progress pictures there but you will find them under the cut. Also, I’m announcing my costume plans for Connichi, I really have nothing impressive this year |D Friday: Ganaha Hibiki from The Idolm@ster, but alas without group Saturday: Neko from K,…

Update :D

Hey everyone~ My friend Beatrice finished working on the Acchan pictures she took of me at Cosday! check out the updated gallery: bye bye~


Some more costume plans

The next event is Aniwest! The costume I’ll be wearing is Shiemi. I won’t be staying long, since I’ll have the exam very soon after the event and I’d rather review the materials. I’ll probably undertake a shooting of my Estelle costume after the exam. I don’t really have good photos of the costume. I’ll…

More costume updates :D

Hello everyone! I present you with more costume updates~ Have Morgiana from Magi~ photo by Beatrice so long then~ Sometime later maybe I’ll upload some pictures of Estelle .___.; bye bye~

Finally costume updates (?)

Hello :D Yes, after all the conventions I should have some costume updates, right? Well, the entire thing is under question marks, because I shall use the indefinite time of until whenever I get photos to do it slowly. The first one is Acchan or rather Maeda Atsuko 13th from AKB0048. photo by Gildartz However…


Back from Animagic 2013

I’m back from Animagic and a bit dead on my feet. The weather was a killer. Starting with report now~ IT IS VERY LONG! Thursday We were able to get everyone from the group together to go to the pension. I was also able to finish my spontaneous Morgiana costume there. All I had to…


Plans for Animagic 2013

Hello everyone! The next convention I visit is Animagic (26-28.07) and here is the plan:    Friday: Costume: Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) /showact at the outdoor stage: 14:00-15:00 Saturday: Costume: Ganaha Hibiki (The Idolm@ster 2) [epispde 25] /participation in the cosplay contest with Miki&Takane Sunday: Costume: Maeda Atsuko 13th (AKB0048) [Shoujotachi yo] /showact at the…


A Progress Post

Hello everyone! After the report, I decided to post some general progress. This is the apron for Estelle (Tales of Vesperia) [gracious waitress]. I have not used application technique with this sewing machine before, so it is a disaster, but the later parts look better. Here is the already finished skirt and the start of…

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