Back from Polymanga

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Hey, there! I’m back from Polymanga. I was there only for 1 day to participate in the Swiss ECG preliminaries with my friend NatsuKita.

Here is our skit, thanks for uploading it Gondolin89.

We obviously were not selected ;D Or else the start oft his entry would have been different.

In general it was fun, very tiring, since we finished NatsuKita’s costume on the location and were dead on our feet since we slept so little, but in general with all the shit and stuff that did not work out? I think it went well enough and I had enough fun. I met some nice people, I slept on the leg of a Pokemon gijinka cosplayer in the backstage hall while watching the other performances :D. Jury was kinda fun, though NatsuKita does not agree. I saw those ultra cute alpaca plushies, but since I had no time to withdraw money before the con, I only had the emergency sum with me and I wasn’t going to waste it on a cutenessoverloaded dust collector, no matter how badly I wanted it. NatsuKita consoled me that I could buy one at Animuc or JAN, the upcoming conventions :’D. I was walking around the merchandise hall with our suitcase and whining like a baby about wanting that darn alpaca plushie Q___Q; Oh and one of the Jury? Staff? Asked us if NatsuKita and I were twins :’D We’re not, but when we wear the same wigs we look  a lot  alike. We already were asked this question when cosplaying Hozuki and Bonbori, so I’m looking forward to Animagic now.

In general we learned that confusing skits are out of question and the simpler and the more action richer the skit (insert sword swinging here, and better yet KOEI costumes) the more chances we’d stand for the ECG :’D We agreed to start sooner on our costumes next year.

To the convention itself? Well, I haven’t seen much of it, but I’ll try to see more next year. In general the location is great, however all the stairs killed us X__X; Especially getting from the VIP entrance to the backstage. The stage is bigger than at the previous Polymanga location, but smaller than the pictures from ECG facebook would suggest. Montreux is a beautiful city (town? XD) so in general that makes it also great for cosplay photoshootings. In general I recommend the convention for visiting since this year around they also had staff that could speak English. :’D Such an improvement.

That’s about it.


So, next convention is in a little more than 2 weeks and I’m working on my costumes and my performances. Here is the plan:

Animuc 20.04-21.04
– Yuzuriha Inori (Guilty Crown) [EGOIST PV] NEW COSTUME
/Cosplay Catwalk Jury


– Sakura Hime (TSUBASA: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLe) [clow country]
/DCM preliminary