Hoshii Miki – The Idolm@ster 2 [episode 25]

finished: 2012
worn to: Animuc 2012
status: active


My friends and I have been intending to make an Idolm@ster themed showact and I just happened to have a Miki-type wig lying around. Oh and we decided the charasters based on height so I ended up with this role anyway. After watching the anime I must say I both like and dislike Miki, actually I like and dislike her egocentrism. In a way it’s amazing.

comments on making:

This was a spontanious decision and I happened to have vacation so, I ended up sewing all the time Q___Q; and the costume is made correspondingly a mixture of anime&game version. I was just lucky enough to find the fabric at home to be able to start over easter weekend or I would never have been done on time. The stars on the boots are not symmetrical I was in such a rush to glue them on. ;___;’ I also have to fix the border, since ironing it wasn’t enough.