Aries – Fairy Tail


finished: 2012
worn to: Animagic 2012
status: done


I always wanted to cosplay someone from Fairy Tail, but I never could pick a character. Some time like 2 weeks before Animagic I was chatting with Yumee, who said they had a huge group planned for Sunday and somehow she ended up suggesting for me to cosplay as Aries X’D you guessed right, I said ok.

comments on making:

Yumee styled the wig and made the horns, because I was in deep panic of not getting anyhow done with Sayaka. The sewing parts were pretty easy. I sewed in the huge D80 bra I originally bought for Yuzuruha. I don’t have 90-60-90, so it makes me look super fat when sitting Q__Q’