Miki Sayaka – Puella Magi Madoka Magica


finished: 2012
worn to: Animagic 2012
status: done


Please remind me again WHY I picked this? Ah right, this was plan A for DCM finale last year, but I never found the fabrics. And the producer of Madoka Magica was a guest at Animagic. So I just decided to go fish for fabric. Suprisingly I found all the right colours almost instantly, with the exception of the boot covers. They aren’t exactly the right colour but that’s the closest I’ll get.

comments on making:

Please remind me again WHY I picked this? Ok, lol. Y DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF Q__Q’ I wish they had invited the designer so that I could break his arms… er… I mean ^^” Since I underetsimated the time I had left to sew this I was in stress a lot and a lot of stuff has to be redone properly. The wig has to be cut more, thx to Jeannechan for cutting it for me there ><‘ I guess the skirt and the shoes don’t look so bad. But the armor is a catastrophe out of craft foam, wonderflex, papier mache and God knows what.Almost all of the fabrics were stretchy and my sewing machine was playing crazy with me. er… I better continue this part later when I’m less traumatized about it. I made quite a few progress photos which I will post together with the next ones once I’m on the repairs.

small progress gallery: