Yuzuruha – Muramasa: The Demon Blade


finished: 2012
worn to: /
status: complete


I wanted to cosplay Yuzuruha for a long time. As you might know I often like Vanillaware designs and dames. However I have no Wii so I had to rely on walkthroughs. She is quite graceful. Though I have enjoyed Kongiku as well, since she’s more immature and funny.

comments on making:

Aaaaand I underestimated the kimono length~ AND I was not ready to pay for 4 wigs to make a thick braid as hers. Yes, Yuzuruha has a braid not curly hair, but… oh well :’D I’m really no good at wigs so the progress and things I’ve learnt form the way I made this wig is enough for me for now. I tried some other things for this cosplay, but quite honestly I wanna hide from a person I know, who is really into kimonos how badly I made this X’D