Yuzuriha Inori – Guilty Crown [EGOIST PV]


finished: 2013
worn to: Animuc 2013
status: complete


Oh, it’s so pretty *__* oh, I look so darn naked in it??? Someone tell me what bit me when I decided to cosplay THIS version? Originally I wanted to cosplay the first battle suit of Inori, which by all means is no less naked than this, but still.

comments on making:

Most of the base is made out of remains of different black fabrics. The feathers are made of isolation material (available in 25mx1m rolls). The feathers were painted with acrylic paint, as the spray did not work out (an understatement, that is).  It was a pain in the ass to complete within such a short time Q___Q; The wig was styled using wax. The hair accessorizes were made using craft foam and wonderflex and painted with acrylic paint.