Moriyama Shiemi – Ao no Exorcist


finished: 2013
worn to: Cosday 2013, Animuc 2014
status: complete


A budget cosplay, a friend invited me to do~ I already had that old unstyled Fuu wig dusting around, so I thought, that either Shiemi or Howl, and Shiemi came first. I do like this ”I’ll do my best just like the weeds!” girl :) Shiemi is super cute, and despite being a love interest she always does her best and is useful… that being said, she hardly realizes she’s the love interest und thus goes on with her ideals comepletely disregarding that.

comments on making:

I’m a smartass for trying to make the skirt the same way I made Sayaka’s… and it did not work out the way I wanted to :/ The shirt is just an edited bought one. Nii-chan was made from felt~ The bow has stripes sewed on it, the hair loop thing has fabric pulled over it, what else did you expect? :)

update: I redid the skirt, but I forgot to take my Nii-chan to the convention Q_Q