Maeda Atsuko 13th – AKB0048 [episode 1]


finished: 2013
worn to: Cosday 2013, Animagic 2013
status: complete


My sewing machine hates Lizzy, so on the deadline for entries I decided to switch to Acchan. I had very little time to make the skit and everything, but it turned out fine ^^ Somehow I came to like Acchan a lot as a character to cosplay, even though you don’t get to see much of her. She’s more of my type of character than Takamina, whom I also like a lot. I will probably make more costumes of her, but with a new wig, which won’t be dying off on my skin.

comments on making:

The wig was painted with copics and other similar markers and the heart was then sprayed on with a carnival shop spray ^^; Sadly I was unfortunate to have picked a wig on which the color does not stick, so all the paint goes off onto my skin and onto the costume when I sweat, which in summer is quite often, especially when performing on stage. The pattern used for the skirt was not a sunny/plate skirt one, since I’ve seen a lot girls use that and I did not like the results, I used a normal 4-part pattern skirt. However I did not make a petticoat at first, which I then corrected for Animagic. The pattern for the blouse was the same as I always use for tops. The pattern for the jacked was based on the same pattern. Since I was busy hurrying to finish this at all, I did not make any pictures of it, but I will show the pattern when I’ll be making the jacket for Takamina. The back had to be adjusted a lot. I used a real tie as a pattern basis for my shorter one, it is tied with a simple knot. The boots were pulled over with white stretch fabric.


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