Ganaha Hibiki – The Idolm@ster [episode 25]


finished: 2013
worn to: Connichi 2013, Cosday 2014
status: complete


I like a lot characters from Idolm@ster and Hibiki is one of them~ As Miki was a spontaneous decision last year this was more planned. Unlike Hibiki I’m not a very sport-y person, lol. But I like her happy aura and we certainly have the same type of awkward obnoxiousness of not getting what type of setting it is that is around me.

comments on making:

I used a very old clip-on ponytail from my Lenalee costume a bought a new black wig for the basis. Most of the costume remaid the same, but I adjusted the ribbon to have a curve in it so that it looks more like the in-game version.

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