Morgiana – Magi


finished: 2013
worn to: Animagic 2013
status: complete


I usually don’t cosplay characters like Morgiana, even though she’s such a sweetheart. I like her a lot though, this was however a very spontaneous decision and the costume was done in 3 days before Animagic. The reason is because NatsuKita and Beatrice had troubles finishing their Idolm@ster costumes on time, so when I noticed that I decided to sew something really fast to have something else to wear.

comments on making:

The dress is a simple loosely fit one-piece without a zipper and the belt is a 4×0.15 meter long piece of fabric. The household vessel and the belt accessory are made of worbla with a craftfoam basis, which were then painted with acrylic paint. The little red stones are made of modeling mass and were painted over with red nail polish. The leg pieces are made out of leather and elastic band. Hot glue melts in hot weather… please remember THAT guys.



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