Takahashi Minami 5th – AKB0048 [RIVER]


finished: 2013
worn to: Connichi 2013, Hanami 2014
status: complete


AKB0048 has charmed me completely and I have tons of costumes planned from this anime *w* I had a hard time choosing a senbatsu member I like most. However I also love the real life Takamina and the anime Takamina is an interesting character with a dilemma showing her very human.

comments on making:

I already had the blouse and the skirt for this. The wig had been lying around since before I even thought about quickly sewing Acchan for DCM, lol. I made the sleeves shorter, maybe too short, since Acchan’s very too long. The jacket has the same cut as the previous one otherwise. I picked the golden trim wrongly this time. Right after Animagic I had made the bow, the “socks” and the tie, and I used the gold I used for Acchan which is a bit too pale for this version.  By the time I noticed I didn’t feel like changing it. :/ And… I think they had some trouble shading this particular shot in the anime, lol. Since this was a group project we had to exchange fabrics at other events and if someone had too little fabric we had no way to supply more. I barely made it X_X; I made some ugly microphones for us :D

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