Neko – K


finished: 2013
worn to: Connichi 2013, Nippon Island Treffen 2015
status: complete


I started watching K because everyone around me was talking about how great it was. After 10 episodes I was so charmed I decided to cosplay as Neko. You’d usually expect a character like Anna out of me, but I wanted to cosplay Neko… to have an excuse to act silly. The last time I got act silly for real was when I cosplayed as Ty Lee. So… 10 episodes in? I’m so excited, like “So gonna cosplay this!” I  run off to a fabric store in a free hour from the university in Zurich (yep, that’s not where I live and it’s not where I buy fabric) to buy 1.5 meters of light beige fur. Later evening I come home and watch the last 3 episodes… and my reaction is “I don’t wanna cosplay from this anime anymore it’s so sad Q___Q;” … but I already had those 1.5 meters of fur, so…

At Connichi the greatest highlight wearing this costume was… that although EVERYONE was freezing… I was not. Note guys, this is NOT a summer time costume. Also… no one wanted pictures of me, they all just wanted to hug and pet me… because I was warm and fluffy X’D

comments on making:

The boots are the same as I used for Ranka. The dress itself was cut using the same pattern as I always use for tops. Fur on fur seams were done by sewing machine but a lot of seams were also done by hand, because I didn’t know want to break my sewing machine by getting fur stuck in it D: The collar was made out of worbla.