Suishou – Kobato.


finished: 2013
worn to: Destination Tokyo 2013
status: complete


I love Clamp and I hate Clamp. Their art is so beautiful and so hard to figure out how to make Q_Q;. I really like the background story about Suishou and Ioryogi. So I decided to cosplay as Suishou, originally… last year |D But I had no idea how to make the white pattern like this so that it would look like 3D, so I did not start it last year. This year’s Germany’s Eurocosplay representative Sasu had hand embroidery on her Lady Oscar costume, so I had the idea to use the same technique for Suishou! She laso kindly gave me links to the tutorials and the name of the technique (being called satin stitch). And so in August right after Animagic the work started. Just shortly before the Cosplay World Masters I decided to participate and got into a lot of stress, but I had a lot of fun ^_^

comments on making:

The base dress is made double layer to provide extra stability for the wing hooks, while the upper dress is only one layer of fabric, so that it would flow in a lighter fashion. The white pattern on yellow fabric is hand embroidery (from hell), the yellow pattern was made from the same type material that I used before for the white pattern in Sakura Hime [butterfly]. It is also glue with fabric glue and ironed. The gem at the upper dress was a pre-bought transparent plexiglass piece that was painted on the inside with nail polish (I just happened to have one in the right colour, so why not?). The pattern over it was made with Worbla using Kamui‘s technique and then painted with acrylic paint. Sadly the shading did not work out the way it did with Morgiana D:. The wig is milkshake pink…. because in the actually bought manga volume 6 I have the colour is indeed milkshake pink! :’D The golden pattern on the cape is applicated partially by sewing machine and partially by hand because the machine did not want to applicate the curves. The wings are made out of isolation material, the reference for the harness was used from here. Obviously changed some things, I have to deal with materials I can get my hands onto… also plexiglas plate for base of the harness sounded like a REALLY bad idea to me, no offense O_O;. Unfortunately I made the wings too high at first so hand to rebend the plastic tubes that I used for the harness… and then they lost their stability D: So the wings no longer stood the right way Q_Q; The hand and foot pieces were made the night before competition and I had to sew myself into the foot pieces |D Fun.