Ren Kougyoku – Magi


finished: 2014
worn to: Animagic 2014, Connichi 2014
status: complete


I really liked Gyoku. She started out having a somewhat bitchy attitude, generally appearing as an antagonist, while revealing a very girly and even fragile nature later on. She isn’t some villain’s henchman, she’s just a girl with her circumstances, just trying to find her place in the world and what she wants to do with herself just as much as any other person. But such things can be said about many characters, as they mostly aren’t just that what they appear to be, which is something I absolutely LOVE about this series. Aside from introducing the workings of politics and ideologies and confronting the readers with complicated questions that is.

comments on making:

Recently I had come to the conclusion that sewing everything double is a pain in the ass while not necessary contributing to the quality of the costume, so I just… didn’t do it this time :3 At least not for every part. The pink parts had to be made double, but I hate the fabric. It is the right color, but it is completely unironable. The wrinkles just don’t go. The green fabric doesn’t need ironing because it does wrinkle even if I were to sit on it like I-don’t-even-know. The top is only double at the body part. The wig was hell. This is the first time I pulled a wig up myself and it’s half the disaster, lol. But in the end it looked acceptable. I probably will have to find an alternative to the glue I used to style the wig.

photopgraphers: Kashikosa, Sennar