Scheherazade – Magi

reference2finished: 2014
worn to: Cosday 2014
status: complete


I question my sanity. To be quite honest Magi is a wonderful series. But picking this character for DCM is insane. However I was unhappy with the way my Kougyoku was progressing so I switch to Scheherazade. Quite frankly, I fell in love with her right from the beginning. Before she showed up this manga was amazing to read but no character really appealed to me enough to cosplay from the manga (discount Morgiana for being a 3-days-costume-just-because-it-was-easy-to-make). I also wanted to be the one to make this cosplay with the braids, which are difficult to tell apart in the manga but are quite visible in the anime. Picking this for a demanding contest like the German Cosplay Championship (DCM) was a motivation to actually do it. Oh, how I’ve suffered! The wig is heavy I cannot move my neck at all. Being Scheherazade cosplayer is suffering (all the summary)

comments on making:

I’m not even sure where to start. The dress is made of a long one layer-skirt (not a plate/sun skirt though) and a dressing gown like top dress that is closed by press buttons at the front. The gown is two layered, however the top part of the gown has a light fabric on the inner side, while the skirt uses the same fabric on both sides. The belt is separate from the ribbon. The middle embellishment on the belt is a braid maid of three fabric strips. The brooches are made of worbla, painted and then varnished.

The staff is made of a wooden basis, the horn part is made of wood, the circling part of a thick wire. The hanging things are made of wood, while the connections are made of wire. The wire spiral connection is covered by worbla. The ball is a two part plexiglass ball sprayed over with red paint and glued together with hot glue. The rest of embellishments on the staff is made of worbla.

The wig is made of 4.5 wigs. 3 Wigs were cut to provide hair for braids. The braids are made of fabric sausages filled with cotton with hair wefts sewed on them. The base wig itself was fattened up by wefts from the last wig (the 0.5 one), then braided and drowned the braid in boiling hot water for several hours. The resulting curled hair was then divided, the middle part tied together leaving the front hair parts and the hair that would be used to assist the braid transition. The braids were sewed onto the wig and a stabilizing wire that is fixed within the wig together with the hair that was out aside for it. The main part of the headdress is made of Worbla and was braided of 3 worbla strips (double), The leaves are also made of worbla, the structure was pressed with a knife. The grapes are pearls that are tied together with a fishing live and tief to the maid headdress. The green strips handing from the pearls are also worbla pieces that were fixed on the fishing line.