Sono Chieri – AKB0048 next stage

0031finished: 2014
worn to: Connichi 2014, Hanami 2015
status: complete


AKB0048 has charmed me completely and I have tons of costumes planned from this anime *w* Since I watched it right after Idolm@ster… Chieri was the one who stuck out the most to me. She just spoke things that had been on my mind the entire time during Idolm@ster so I totally fell for her. lol. Also, I found it strange that people were surprised that Chieri was talking tough but actually genuinely cared about the rest of the main cast. That was so obvious. It is not that she just talks tough. The points she voices are still true, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. It’s not mutually excluding. I’m also one of the people who find it disturbing that people love/hate Chieri just because Mayuyu is her voice actress. I don’t give half a damn who voiced this awesome girl. It’s not like Mayuyu is the one who writes the anime script, get over the fact that the protagonist always needs a rival in such stories. DUH. … This turned into more of a confession about things that annoy me X’D Onto the making.

comments on making:

This was a project that started in 2013, when we began planning a whole KKS group. Unfortunately we ended up without a Yuka and Orine couldn’t finish on time. The photos are still being edited so it might take a while.