Sybil Reisz – The Transistor


finished: 2015
worn to: Frankfurter Buchmesse 2015
status: complete


Actually, Yumée  asked her twitter timeline if anyone would make Sybil cosplay for her Red, that she wore to the German Cosplay Championship finale, and I volunteered!

comments on making:

Since I started remaking Lizzy from scratch (I bought silk/silk-like fabrics) I had the entire monstrous skirt of fabric to reuse, which I did for Sybil. Admittedly everything was very very last minute, but it still was fun! I really love the wig! And if you guys haven’t noticed yet: YES! I managed to wear this in mirror image to the actual reference X_X; *idiot* Yumée also kindly provided the stones for the costume, which I painted right there at the bookfair…yes, very last minute, much wow, such stress. Generally it was fun to wear! :D I did not play the game (though I watch a walkthrough) and it looks really amazing!