Miki Sayaka – Puella Magi Madoka Magica [remake]


finished: 2015
worn to: Cosday 2015, Animuc 2016
status: complete


So, I decided to remake Sayaka since I still had that skit left over and I wanted to perform it. I additionally upgraded the remake later on based on the advice I have received at DCM Cosday. It is still not perfect but at least I don’t want to torch it off anymore :’D

comments on making:

One thing that I was happy with in the old version was the skirt so I kept it. As well as the belt parts, but the belts themslves and everything else I remade. I restyled the old wig. I kept the old buttons for the shirt, but made a new one. I even remade the cape. The design of the collar makes it very hard to deal with X___X; I still want to wear it for a final shotting with a felt-Kyubei and an external soulgem, but I still have to make those :’D