Shimada Mayu – Wake up, Girls! [beyond the bottom]


finished: 2016
worn to: Animuc 2016
status: complete


I love idols and idol cosplay *___* When I first watched the series I didn’t like the outfits, even though I liked the series itself and Mayu (yes, laugh, I like AKB48, which was being criticized by said series :’D) But then later on I saw this appear on a lots of people’s wishlists and that’s how I discovered this version. I love ancient Greece/Rome inspired costumes so I made it.

comments on making:

ANOTHER NO ZIPPER COSTIME :D The crown is made out of wonderflex and worbla left overs. The yellow pattern on the collar is hand embroidered, the white stuff is foam rubber. The skirts are double circle skirts. The wig was originally intended for Homura, but I doubt I’ll be finishing that costume any time soon :’D. I used multiple images as reference and unlike the one I uploaded in a lot of them the top isn’t form-fitting which I used as an excuse to make the top without a zipper to save time.