Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford – Kuroshitsuji

Year: 2018

This is a costume that I have been wanting to make since 2013, but only now possess the knowledge and the means to make it the way I envison it.
I also had access to a fablab so, there’s that ^^’
I had made full sue of it. I have obtained an embroidery machine so the crowns are embroidered.
The stripes on the bows are flex foil sheets cut with the plotter.
The pattern on the pettycoat/lower skirt is cut with a laser cutter.
The wig is yellow blonde from Coscraft.

My first favorite character from Black Butler was Madame Red, but I never felt particularly inclined to cosplay her.
I liked Lizzy, but never particularly strongly.
I am sure just like for me, Lizzy’s spectacular part in Atlantic Arc has pushed many others to cosplay her as well.
It was also my skit idea that has been lying around since 2013. I finally was able to implement it for the preliminary of German Cosplay Championship at Franco Bamberg.
You can see the skit here.
(I also took up fencing… AFTER the skit though :P)




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